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Rotary Alfreton
Rotary Alfreton1 day ago
Thank you to Mason for helping with our collection while he was waiting for his mum to finish her shopping yesterday.
Rotary Alfreton
Rotary Alfreton3 days ago
Rotary Alfreton
Rotary Alfreton1 week ago
It was a little bit wet today, so we had to leave a little bit early. We got away just before the worst of the rain. Thank you to everyone that put money in our buckets. We really do appreciate it.
Rotary Alfreton
Rotary Alfreton2 weeks ago
Here is the info about the Christmas Tree Festival.
Rotary Alfreton
Rotary Alfreton2 weeks ago
Doesn’t our tree look great. Thank you to Rotarian Keith and his wonderful wife Helen for doing such a good job. Pop along to St. Martins Church in Alfreton to the Christmas Tree Festival this weekend.
Rotary Alfreton
Rotary Alfreton2 weeks ago
Santa has arrived. He would love you to come along and say hello. We are here supporting the food bank, so we would appreciate it if you could donate a little something.

Here are a few ideas

Tinned meat
Tinned fish
Tinned veg
Tinned fruit
Pasta sauces
Tea bags

Thank you