Alfreton Community Hall

President Dennis Fretwell, Immediate Past President Roger Stevenson and Past President Jack Brown were delighted to present a cheque on behalf of the club for £1061.00 to Val Grundy from the Alfreton Community Hall to help with the refurbishment of the Hall’s kitchen.

Val thanked the Club on behalf of the Community Hall Committee saying an upgrade was much needed and would help all of the local clubs who use the Hall. 

President Dennis Fretwell, Past President Jack Brown, Val Grundy and Immediate Past President Roger Stevenson 

The Matt Bingham Award

President Roger Stevenson and Junior Vice President Mandy Oldknow attended David Nieper Academy, Alfreton year 11 presentation evening at the invitation of the head teacher Doctor Hobbs.

President Roger presented the Matt Bingham Award to Nicole Limbert, this award is given to the student for their excellent contribution to academy life. 

Alfreton Rotary Club also presented Nicole with a cash reward for her achievement. 

Nicole receiving the Matt Bingham Trophy from President Roger 

Community Christmas Sleigh

At the Clubs weekly meeting held on the 15th of May 2017. A cheque was presented to the Rotary Club of Alfreton by Councillor Mary Kerry, the Mayor of Alfreton, on behalf of Alfreton Town Council. Also representing the Council were Councillor John Walker, Deputy Mayor and the Clerk to the Council David Holmes. The money will be used towards the building of a sleigh, by the Rotary Club, for use at Christmas by the Club and the Community.

Thanks was given to the Council, on behalf of the Rotary Club, by the President Roger Stevenson. 

Presentation of the Cheque.

Left to Right – Mayors Consort Rotarian Mandy Oldknow, President Roger Stevenson, Mayor of Alfreton Councillor Mary Kerry, Deputy Mayor Councillor John Walker, Town Clerk David Holmes


The Club have purchased a trailer on to which they will build the sleigh.

Club Members building the Sleigh.












East Africa Crisis Appeal

16 million people including children in East Africa are on the brink of starvation and urgently need food, water and medical treatment. 

The Club members held a Street collection on Saturday the 25th of March in Alfreton Town Centre. The amount collected £189.13 together with a donation from the clubs general fund  enabled the sum of £200.00 to be forwarded to the Disaster Emergency Committee East Africa Disaster Appeal.

Thank you to the members of the public who gave so generously.