Club Visit to The National Holocaust Centre and Museum

On the 18th March 8 club members and guests visited The National Holocaust Centre and Museum at Laxton, near Newark. It is a very peaceful and well tended area of gardens, (the roses will be magnificent in a few weeks time) with water features and areas set aside for meditation.

The idea of visiting this place is to some, one with which they will not countenance, but the fact is that it is beautiful place which portrays the horrors of this period in a factual, but not sensational, manner and leaves you thoughtful rather than horrified.

After an introductory film and a visit to some of the exhibitions we entered the theatre and, along with a room of full of children, heard of the experiences of a Dutch Jew who grew up in the war years (he was only 6 by the end of the war). After this we had little time to wander round the exhibits, which are very interactive and cleverly laid out.

It was agreed by all a very interesting day and, certainly someĀ  will return as there was not enough time to see everything and maybe the roses will be in bloom.

Report by David Smith