Club Meeting 11th June 2018

Emma Stevenson and Andrew Cope from the South Normanton Motor Cycle Club attended our meeting. Emma gave a talk when she informed us that in 2016 the members of the South Normanton Motor Cycle Club together with other local volunteers formed the organisation ‘Gears of Goodwill’ their stated aims are:

To help the homeless and vulnerable people (including homeless former soldiers) in the Midlands and in the UK starting ‘at home’ in Derbyshire bringing friendship, food, warm clothing, support, advice and hope for better times in the future.

Emma told us that they distribute such items as sleeping bags, warm clothing, small 2 man tents, toiletry items and other essentials. Once a week in Derby they run a soup kitchen serving up to 250 hot meals and giving out up to 100 sandwich bags per session, some of their clients have not had a meal for 3 or 4 days.

Our club members found the stories she told us of the many reasons that their are so many people homeless and sleeping rough in Derby disturbing.

We were pleased to present a cheque for £250 to Emma and Andrew towards this good cause.

Also present at the meeting was David Reed the manager of Tesco’s Alfreton together with our Associate Member Julie Rossington also from Tesco. After the meeting both David and Julie had a conversation with Emma and Andrew.

Vice President Mandy Oldknow presenting the cheque for £250.oo to Emma Stevenson with Andew Cope in the background together with David Reed the manager of  Tesco Alfreton and Associate Member Julie Rossington